Preparing WinPE 3.0 for PXE-Boot

This script is based of the scripts provided by the german institution “Regionales Rechenzentrum für Niedersachsen” (R|R|Z|N). It creates all necessary files in one folder including the boot files in one step. You just need to upload the folder to your tftproot folder and make a copy of the bootmgr.exe from within the Boot folder […]

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Creating a WinPE 3.0

This script is based of Michael Khanins WinPE 3.0 Script and extended with automatic driver integration, an explorer like shell, autostart entries, modified languages for the PE environment and useful programs. The following pre-requirements need to be installed: Microsoft Windows AIK for Windows 7 This script needs to be run from an administrative Deployment Tools […]

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Debian PXE-Server

In this tutorial I’m going to explain how to prepare Debian 5 to deliver Live Operating Systems (in this case Clonezilla) via PXE-Boot with the Live OS Images stored on a network share. This tutorial requires rudimentary Linux knowledge, as it will not cover basics like nano. The first step requires a default Debian installation. […]

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